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Is Art only reserved for the talented? Or can Art be learned?



Is Art reserved only for the talented? Or can Art be learned?

Back in Secondary Schools, it is mandatory for students to take this subject - Art. Some love it while others shun away from it. “I am bad at this subject”, “I cant draw”, “He is more talented than me.” As we enter into adulthood, we will hear voices from the public, “I failed Art in Secondary School”. The same old words repeat on its own. It is a common phenomena. Our academic grades have wired our minds to think that only students who excel in this particular subject, Art is only reserved for the talented or it can be a reason for us to say that we can’t draw because this just isn’t my cup of tea.

While it may be true that there are individuals who may be more technically skilled than the other, drawing and painting is a skill that can be acquired through time, with proper learning and guidance. In LACA, we have taught many students who can’t draw. There was a student, in his 50s, who couldn’t draw a simple square or rectangle in his first lesson and he desired to imitate Mackenzie Thorpe’s Owen and Chloe. After teaching him some drawing concepts and giving him some proper guidance on the techniques of drawing, he immediately grasped it and managed to create it miraculously.

Art is more than just your scores in the Academics. Art exists in our everyday life.

Good news is, you can learn Art from the age of 2 or even as a working Adult.

Art is Science.

There are fundamental concepts and methods to learning Art.
For students geared towards Science and require proven methods, Art can be resolved with a systematic structure and detailed analysis. That is how Artists and educators have come up with Design Principles, Visual Art Language and Colour Theory.

Art has no limits.
At LACA, we bring you through the trodden path where students will learn the best and latest information about Art. We sift you through the process of unwanted and unnecessary pain that an Art Student in Art School needs to go through. 

Many students have come to us thinking that Art is a difficult subject to learn but walk away changed. At LACA, we have a systematic way of teaching and developing our students. Many of our students have gone on to graduate in the Art Schools in prominent universities in Australia, New York and even in our local University, National University of Singapore, NUS, majoring in Architecture.

Our pedagogical concepts and teaching approach centres around Art history, Art Concepts, Technical Skills, Colour Theory, Design Principles without withholding the element of fun to give our students exposure and ample freedom in pursuing their craft. More than 300 students (excluding 3,000 workshop participants) over the past 5 years have been a testament to our pedagogical approach.

We welcome all age groups of students, as we believe everyone can be a Little Art Connoisseur.

Come join us at LACA & journey with us!
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