Personalised Lessons

Personalised Lessons | LAC Art Studio

Personalised lessons are great for those who wish to learn in a focused environment. Lessons are tailored made to your preference and skills, giving you control over what you want to learn.

Our personalised lessons are 1:1 teaching so that you have the full attention of the teacher.

We have guided many art students, teachers, and adults in their aesthetic journey. Whether you are a beginner in drawing or painting, or a current art student, we can help you.

Many of our students have benefited from our personalised lessons:

Umaira, a psychology student, 20
"The teacher is also passionate about art, and is very well-experienced!! the lessons are also well-paced and relaxing :) in addition to painting, sketching and drawing i was also taught the theory behind some of the art techniques in addition to histories (which i found very interesting!). an overall enjoyable experience!! :)"

YF Goh, Aspiring Artist, 25
"The classes were tailored to my needs and interests. I was guided with patience by Moses who also offered me with lots of aid in my art future. A pleasant experience and I look forward to classes."

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